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  • Stef Caraguel

    Stef Caraguel

    As founder and CEO of Prometheus Ax, I help companies optimize their data science success rate and return on investment. Check us out @ http://prometheus-ax.io

  • Alvaro M

    Alvaro M

  • Charlinedoultremont


    International human rights counsel with a specialisation in technology law and passion for science law

  • Audrey Stinson

    Audrey Stinson

  • Paulius Jurcys

    Paulius Jurcys

    IP | Data | Privacy | Ethics | Harvard CopyrightX. I share views on innovation, creativity & how technology is making this world a more fun place to live in.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

  • Deyaa Muhammad

    Deyaa Muhammad

    Mechanical Engineer, Pentester. Don't follow me I don't know where I'm going ..

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